Our Story

Our founders come from a long history of service. Some since 1962, or 1989 and later dates. Some working in large franchise's or corporate offices. But our favorite is the independent small business that comes without the clutter.

After working 30+ years in now outdated business models, we took a little time off in late 2016 early 2017 to think of a better way to do business.

We like it best when we are working side by side with Partners and Customers for everyone's benefit. Our Partner companies re-launched in July 2017 utilizing technology that reduces overhead expenses and waste. Mobile platforms that make us faster, enable us to save Customers money, Partners to make a good living and us in the field instead of the office. Everyone wins!


Our Approach

Its simple: People come first. Customers, Partners, Agents, Adjusters, Managers, Realtors, Community, etc... we put ourselves in your shoes.

The bottom line is important, a business has to make money to thrive and help people, but it's not everything.

We like to work hard, but we also like to work smart.

Simplify jobs with a clear, concise and transparent plan that everyone knows.

Taking satisfaction in a job well done.

Working all the Angles to Keep Your Prices Low

Ads help us and you save money. Everyone benefits! That's what we are all about.